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My Diy

Sum Stuff I Made


one of first things um che guevara sum cuban rebel but who care he looks gud on a t shirt. Used spray paint and  made a stencil but used the rest for my wall when realised it doesn't stay in after wash.


This is one of my more recent things its a bag if u cant cant tell i reconstucted it from some old trousers wierd flowy trousers from my hippy stage and take not of amazing converse all stars!!!!


OK this is made from a pair of flaired cords when i went through my grundge stage ahhhh they were purple then i dyed them black then i made them into a bag wooo like the bag better neater tahn other one though cant think wat to put on in any ideas


Part of a kill bill series i was makin!!! But ya know cant find evil nurse one so have to make do we lucy lui one i think lol used fabirc paint and stencil agen


Heres a pillow i just made woo first pillow quite proud. Girl form one door up gave me old gap skirt (thanx u becky) and it was nikkis b day so made her pressie in form of cushion rather proud really hopes she likes it also (thanx nana) for the pillow stuff and lavander to make it smaell nice!!!!

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we need rope elvis anda llmaa named betsie!!!!